Tips on how to photograph your baby

Tips on how to photograph your baby


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I have put this together for all the ladies that can’t come into my studio due to the darn Coronavirus!!!  I don’t want you to miss out on some lovely baby pictures, because your baby will be absolutely gorgeous and will change so quickly.

It is best to do the photos in the first few weeks if you can, I have heard it is difficult taking pictures of your own baby (maybe because they can smell your milk). Take your time, have a really warm room, (I use a little fan heater) also I use a Baby Shusher which makes shushing noises but you can also use a ‘white noise’ app on your phone. Do not attempt any special photographer poses because they need special safety training, just keep it nice and simple.

Equipment – iPhone, neutral blankets, window light, lots of milk, dummy if using one and Baby x


So firstly, look for some nice soft light, hot harsh bright sun and place your baby down with his/her head slightly towards the window as in the picture. You could use a bean bag, large foot stool, couch etc and pop a blanket over it. Never leave baby alone for safety reasons. This little one was so good, just slept through the whole session.

Take a picture from above making sure not to aim the phone/camera up the nose. as pictured below. The left one the is correct way.

Take the picture from different angles not forgetting the little hands and toes.

Then you could try a little hat and just lay a blanket over baby with maybe a little teddy eg. Please forgive me as the quality is not as good as a professional photo shoot as all the pictures have been taken and edited on my phone.

Then finally you could try some in a basket and also with Mum and Dad


I really hope this help and I would love to see your pictures.

I have also started a local Networking group ton Facebook to help Pregnant and new mums through this tough patch, I would love you to join in then we can support each other.   Chorley Expecting & New Mums in Isolation

Kind Regards


Valentine’s Night In!

Valentine’s Night In!

all you need is love

Valentine’s Day is a totally different affair when you have a baby or young children, your probably very tired and may also find it difficult to get a baby sitter. All is not lost as I have pulled together some-must watch romantic movies and easy dinner ideas for a great Valentine’s night IN.

It’s also a great idea to get the family albums and photos out and reminisce over special moments that have been captured in photographs, not just as a couple but as a family.  I love to capture photo memories for my own family and for others,  I do like the fun everyday pictures but you can’t beat a professional studio portrait for really amazing quality images that you can treasure forever. You will never regret spending money on creating family memories that will get passed down through the generations.


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I would love to hear what you think if you watch any of these romantic films, I need to choose one for me and my Hubby too.


  1.  To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

  2.   To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (this is set to begin streaming on the 12th)

  3.   Falling In Love

  4.   The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

  5.   Falling in Love

  6. The Kissing Booth

  7.   Always be my Maybe

  8. The Incredible Jessica James


  1.  The Big Sick

  2.   Breathless

  3.   Bridget Jones Diary

  4.   Ghost


This year I am going to go with a nice easy Valentine Meal Deal from my local supermarket, these are just perfect for a busy family short on time and energy.

SAINSBURYS  – Items priced individually


Choice of starter, main, 2 sides and dessert with either a bottle of wine or chocolates.

ALDI –  £8-15

They do some mini heart shaped pancakes that the kids will love

ASDA  – £15

Choice of starter, main, 2 sides, dessert and wine. Loads of options inc Vegan

M&S  – £20

Starter,main,side,dessert, prosecco, wine, mojito or soft drink. 30 options


Starter, main, 2 sides, dessert, bottle of wine inc their award winning Prosecco

I would love to hear how your night goes! So get the kids to bed early and get cuddled up for the night.



Love Kath x


Kids Christmas TV

Kids Christmas TV

I just love looking through the TV guide at Christmas, but every year it gets bigger and bigger, so I have created a little guide to the best bits for kids to save you some time.

You can download it and print it out then you have it handy over the festive period.


Have a Fantastic Time

Kath x


Before and After

Before and After

I always love to see Before and After photos from other photographers, so I hope you will enjoy a little nosy at mine.

Its always best to get your images as perfect as you can in camera and then just a little enhancing in Lightroom/Photoshop is needed.

Kath x


Ever wondered what really goes on during a Newborn Portrait Session?

Ever wondered what really goes on during a Newborn Portrait Session?




Newborn Photographer Chorley

A Newborn Photo session is a nice cosy, warm and relaxing morning, where you can concentrate 100% on how cute and precious your baby is.

When you arrive at my home studio in Chorley you can make yourself at home and we can unwrap your little bundle.  It will be very warm in my studio so dress comfortably.  Let me know beforehand if you would like images with your baby or/and would like to bring an older brother or sister.

I allow 2-3 hours for your session so there is plenty of time for cuddles and feeding etc.  It is completely led by your baby’s needs.  Your baby’s safety and comfort is my priority and I am trained in safe baby posing . I am also a member of BANPAS (Baby and Newborn Photographers Association) who promote safe working practices.  Take a look at their website, it has lots of info for Parents too.



If baby stays asleep once undressed I will begin to place baby in lovely curled up poses, if not we can carry on and do some awake shots (lots of Parents of Parents love the connection with their baby when their eyes are open). Then when baby is ready for a feed, that usually sends them into a lovely ‘milky’ sleep. Then I can carry on and take those lovely sleepy pictures everyone loves so much.

Lots of Parents worry about baby not sleeping or that they may wee or poo an my blankets, this is quite normal so please don’t worry, everything is washable and most babies sleep at some point during the session. I have been photographing babies for almost 5 years and I have lots of experience and tricks to help lull babies into a deep sleep.

If you would like images with baby I will do those usually at the beginning or sometimes at the end of the session depending on baby.  The pictures look lovely if you wear fairly neutral colours eg. whites, grays etc. Also if you want family/sibling pictures I would try and get these at the beginning of the session before toddlers and older children get bored. It often happens were little ones  need a bit more time to get use to their surroundings so in this case I will do these photos later.  I have a few things for your children to play with but feel free to bring your own inc. snacks and drinks.

My aim is for you to enjoy 2-3 hours relaxation and to create some amazing images for you to treasure forever (cheesy but true)

Lots of people ring when baby is 6-8 weeks old trying to book a newborn session, as they didn’t think to book whilst pregnant, and are disappointed that they have missed the best age, which is 1-3 weeks old (while baby is still sleepy and can curl up into the poses)    More info on when to book – HERE

Don’t miss out on capturing your baby’s first few weeks, best to book your due date in while pregnant!

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or call – Kath – 01257 264346

Baby and Family portrait chorley

New Product

New Product


Introducing a brand new product to my range, I hope you love them as much as I do!

My Photoblocks come in a set of 3 x (6 inch square) with lovely rustic easels to display them on.  If you are looking for a different size please let me know.

The Photoblocks are hand crafted from the finest birch plywood, creating naturally beautiful products for your images. Your images are mounted onto the wood before being  sealed with a UV resistant layer. All photoblocks come ready to hang with built in hangers, meaning they lay straight and flush against the wall every time.

They are then finished with soft round edges and a fine brushstroke pattern creating a natural looking product with a hand painted effect.

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Newborn, Child & Family Photographer in Chorley PR6 0AS     01275 264346


What to Expect when I’m Expecting You

What to Expect when I’m Expecting You

The diary of a newborn and baby photographer is a complicated place! Nobody told your baby that they are expected to turn up for their portrait session and while some can’t wait to get here, some are fashionably late. This makes my diary a wonderfully fluid place!
When you first book your session you will be required to pay the £65 deposit to reserve your place in my diary. I take a limited number of newborn sessions each month so that I can ensure I can fit everybody in and work around midwife and health visitor appointments once baby is here.
Once your baby arrives and you have settled back in at home just message me and we can then confirm the best date and time for your session.
Your portrait session will take place in my comfortable purpose designed studio. Newborn studios are not like traditional photography studios – they are designed to be warm and comfortable. I want you and your baby to feel relaxed and comfortable so you are able to feed on demand and put your feet up with refreshments and a magazine (I even have some new dads who take a quick nap!)

So that I can capture your baby perfectly while they are still so brand new, for most of the session your baby will be in their birthday suit. Newborn clothes never fit correctly so we don’t get to see all those beautiful details that say ‘hey I’m brand new!’

However, one of the downsides of this, is your baby is guaranteed to poop and/or pee on props, blankets, perhaps even me or you! This is just par for the course, something I’m used to dealing with on a daily basis and something I allow for. All of my blankets and props are washed after each session and I have plenty of cloths
and towels to hand. You might want to pop a change of clothes for yourself into your changing bag, just incase the worse happens.

Your newborn portrait session can take up to 3 hours and the reason for this is your newborn will need feeding, cuddles and cleaning throughout the session which is baby led rather than photographer led!
I hope this article answers the many common questions but if you would like to book or discuss a session please contact me on – 01257 264346


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