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I met this lovely lady recently, have a little read about her, and how START DESIGNS began……

As the granddaughter of a seamstress for Burtons and the daughter of an artistic mother I guess you could say flare and creativity runs in the blood. But its being able to make that creativity and flare come to the surface at a time when you are comfortable with what you are doing.

During school years I had a flare for art. A lot of my work was abstract, shapes and colours mixing and colliding… I guess it was a little out there compared to more conventional art structure at the time.

As I got older, when I got my first flat I used fabrics to recover seats and furnishings and made curtains. I also hand painted tiles and designed, cut my own stencil designs.  Stencilled walls and lamp shades to give everything that bit of a personal touch in the space around me. But this was more probably out of the necessity to personalise my space than to really get uber creative.

But it WAS only AFTER THE BIRTH OF MY DAUGHTER ELIZABETH that my inner me began to slowly take a hold on me.

Endless nights awake not just from my new born baby but for the need to create and put a mark in the world… I had just given birth to the most amazing of creations and wanted to fulfil my dreams which had been awakened in this moment.

I began to make additions to existing garments. Adding sparkly glitter, sequins, diamontes to edgings of socks/skirts/tops/jeans and shorts.  Whilst away on holidays with soaring temperatures, I added a piece of material at the back of their caps that went past their shoulders. I sewed ribbons on Elizabeth’s and Laytons had ducks on his.  They worked a treat, their kneck, ears and shoulders never got sun burned.

I sewed frills, ribbon bold buttons and sequins onto the clothes to enhance their look and to make my special babies garments stand out as a one of a kind item…as that was her to me.

As she grew to become a toddler her jeans and even her footwear would become bespoke hand painted and crafted garments.

It didnt stop just at the clothing, her hair was accessorised too, with normal hairclips transformed into custom hair wear.

The items were all much more out there…  nothing was understated or discreet, it was all highly noticeable…and it was. So many people stopped me to ask where I bought the goods

I remember her brushing my own hair in the bathroom at just 1 year old saying to me “oh pootiful mama” I knew then my daughter had an awareness of the special, the custom, the quality and the luxury.

I was also balancing having a second child which put my own needs on the backburner as my son, whom we adopted had many known and unknown needs at the time.

All my energy and time was committed to bringing up my wonderful son and my beautiful daughter Elizabeth looked out for him in the most caring of ways.

My creations spread to face painting. I completed a face painting course.  Then I felt confident enough to paint at private parties, functions and helping my daughters school..all born from just wanting to paint my own son and daughters face…no matter where we went, they always wanted their face painting before we left…..

As my daughter got a little older I began to look into adult cosmetics and started my own work on my nails. I was always told by others, I had model hands and fingers. I would trial and test different polishes and would inset small items into the nails from hearts, gems and beads. I would also create nail designs and theme them with Halloween and Christmases. If id had seen the nail bar boom coming back then?

I took a college course in Gel and Acrylic Nails, I am now a Nail Technician.  I had customers but a year or so on I decided I wanted to do more with my design minded ideas.

I went back to college and qualified in Hair, Media and Make-Up.  I won a National Competition with a make-up design with an addiction of a headdress.  This course is what finally fulfilled my learning desire to design, create and make head wear pieces.  I love to create and design avante-garde head wear designs to the more delicate designs for wedding head wear pieces.

I recently had a fantastic photographer named Katherine Hancock Photograph my head wear pieces and I was brave enough to have a head shot taken of myself…. thankfully Katherine put me at ease… thank you Katherine.

To date, several bridal boutiques are selling my headwear pieces.

I am designing for a Couture Designer called Camellia Couture for the Cannes Film Festival and for The London Fashion Show.   I have further commitments next year show casing my work in NY and LA.

I am devoted to my husband and children,  they are my world.  The reason I breath…..

Designing, creating is me, Amanda.  I am not just a Mum and Wife….. This is my enjoyment, fulfilment and my passion.  I am bursting with ideas but time is short to make them all …… at the moment.   So I finish by saying….. watch out for my next creations….

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